Brand Consulting

Laurent Desgrange’s brand strategy and image consulting service concentrates 15 years of experience in luxury communications to advise his clients—be it on a niche initiative or a comprehensive global vision for a brand. Bringing together principal talents across all departments, Laurent Desgrange offers a 360° consultancy that delivers insights and identifies opportunities to innovate and elevate a client’s presence in the public sphere. Starting with a thorough knowledge of the brand, he works closely with in-house teams to determine immediate and long-term goals. From creative consulting to development of communication strategies, his repertoire of expertise is reinforced by his influential connections within the industry, bringing bold ideas to life.

Digital/Social Media Services

Laurent Desgrange develops digital strategies that amplify brand awareness and drive business impact online. Elegantly crafting a client’s online presence and audience engagement initiatives, he creates authentic brand experiences integrated across web, mobile and social platforms. Pioneering new visual modes of expression, Laurent Desgrange’s has in-depth experience working within the digital realm. Through the use of prestige technology and creative partnerships he will contribute to enhance your brand’s exclusivity and cutting-edge appeal.